Wilson® hardness testers include a comprehensive range of hardness testers from Rockwell®, Knoop/Vickers, and Brinell to fully automatic production systems. Our hardness testers are complemented by a range of ISO test blocks, accessories, and fixtures. Our calibration laboratory is recognized as the global leader in the production of premium ISO test blocks and indenters.

Buehler’s hardness equipment, reference blocks and calibration services help customers meet Nadcap Accreditation and Audit.
Rockwell Hardness Testers
Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testers
Vickers & Knoop
Wilson® UH4000 Hardness Testers
Brinell & Universal
Hardness Test Blocks
Test Blocks
DiaMet Hardness Software
Automation Software
Automotive Crank Pins and Journals
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Material Thickness When Choosing a Rockwell Scale
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Weld Testing and Mapping with Ease!
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