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Applications for the Education and R&D Industry

Education and R&D

Education and R&D

Head of the Class for Sample Quality & Variety

Buehler's Impact on R&D and Education Materials Industry
The ability to understand and control microstructure and properties is critical for many industries and applications. Universities around the world count on Buehler's equipment and consumables for a wide variety of precise materials microstructure analyses. When sample quality and structure are critical, our expertise is unmatched. Whether your institution analyzes a few metallographic samples or many specimens, we'll help you complete your research with cutting-edge solutions that are unique rather than routine.

Government agencies and research facilities from around the globe have turned to Buehler for innovative and robust lab solutions, service, support, and expertise for 80 years and counting. We're one of the oldest and most trusted names in materials analysis. From the best sample quality to the broadest depth and breadth of consumables available today, we make it easy to get the precise results you expect. We encourage and promote original thinking - just like the organizations we partner with. There's no easier way to meet the challenges of today's exacting metallography application.

Buehler equipment is intuitive, reliable and durable - all essential whether you are learning the principles of metallography or involved in research. We're also known for our hands-on support and expert training that provides in-depth knowledge. Be sure to check out our training. Buehler provides everything you need to section, mount, grind, polish, and analyze materials, including:
Common Applications
Education and R&D Applications for Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics
Education and R&D Applications for New Alloys
New Alloys
Education and R&D Applications for Composite Materials
Composite Materials
Education and R&D Applications for Thin Films & Coatings
Thin Films & Coatings
Education and R&D Applications for EBSD (Electronic Backscatter Defraction)
Education and R&D Applications for Coatings
Education and R&D Applications for Metallics
Buehler's commitment to the Education and Research & Development industry is evident in its partnership with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), which serves as a featured Buehler Customer Center. Buehler is on the technical advisory council and is also an affiliate CCAM member, committing testing equipment and research instruments to the CCAM facilities.

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